And what did she and what has she done in the past? Why does she do this?

She is Karin van Nieuwenhuizen, from home all an entrepreneurial girl. Her grandparents had a drug store, grandpa and grandma had a bakery, her aunt and niece at the moment still a interior store. She also was such a girl who, at her 8th with her girlfriends, picked up old toys, revamped and sold again. Complete with home-made posters/leaflets and "real shop" (vacant store of a grandmother of a girlfriend) and successful sales day was the result.

Karin also organized a great fashion show together with a team of volunteers at a young age (16year). The plan wrote Karin and the result was a fashion show where 6 shopkeeper, 4 fashion stores, 1 jewellery- and 1 shoe store participated, 3 hairdressers on stage work, 3 make up artist behind the stage, 2 (singers) for entertainment in the break. A group of 7 volunteers they performed my plan along with me. It was a great success at that time without social media, with an attendance of more than 200 people that had to largely stand due to press.

At the age of 19 she came across a suitable partner and got two kids, with this partner Karin started in 1994 a garage company (Verpalen Car Service). The intention was that he would run this barge, Karin put her own company Karin's Knipservice on an ambulatory hairdressing service.

In 2005, the company was taken up under the Garage Chamber of Commerce, because it swallowed her time, all non-technical tasks are her responsibility. After a few years in 2006 this case will be extended with a KTM dealership (Car Service became Verpalen Auto Motor service) which brings more dynamism again. The number of staff is 5; 2 in the workshop, 2 engines in the car workshop and 1 at the reception.

The sale of motorcycles was also a part of Karin's tasks package. At the motor show and at the BOVAG events she was a regular guest and gladly seen. Many trainings and workshops were followed and many top-speakers listened to. In the meantime, she trained a dog, raised 2 kids and performed for 10 years on stage, including the board. And then in 2000 it started to follow Salsa lessons, later Bachata and Kizomba. Every weekend there was danced for the relaxation.

12,5 Years KTM has been part of her life after that it became "too much" and "too crazy". Both Karin and her partner got to deal with a burn out, it was time to throw the helm. The relationship stranded after 32 years, KTM was turned off the door, and each took a time out.

Karin saw in November 2018 the space to use her own creative mind to start her own business, Service Swap, as an umbrella for the work where her passion emerges. The things they get energy from. Connecting people is her greatest trump. Openness, and easy contact with her is what is needed to connect. She is serviceable, thinks like an entrepreneur and so a little further by then standard. Furthermore, she is accurate in approach and clear in reports. Sees processes and brings improvements.

"She can get a little arrogant but that is mainly because her head is not standing still but thinks of the next step to take." That's also her pitfall, and that's why besides dancing, yoga, mind fullness and meditation is now also a must in her spare time.
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